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Insights for 2013



Some Codealike insights for 2013.


What is Codealike?

Codealike is a brand-new solution that provides innovative, trustworthy, and accurate metrics that let a developer, team, or manager know how time is used while building software. From beginning to end, Codealike increases transparency.

In other words. Codealike makes visible what, up until now, was invisible.

    A few examples of what Codealike can tell developers, teams, and managers:

  • arrowcupThe most active times of day for a given developer
  • arrowappParticular technologies used most often by a given developer
  • arrowfileThe most often used files
  • arrowpuzzleThe history of a developer's day , second by second
  • arrowwarningif there were errors in any part of the process
  • arrowWhelaptopther or not hardware is well suited to the necessary work

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