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Your activity when automatically tracked in real-time by Codealike

Codealike remembers everything you do on the code, so you don't have to. It integrates to your IDE and browser while automatically tracks and analyzes your activity.
Codealike is more than a simple time tracker..

There's a plugin for that!

Codealike works for several IDEs so you can understand how you code.
We also have a plugin for Google Chrome so you can track how you browse and debug the web.

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Visual Studio

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Android Studio

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How it works?

Codealike is a service that tracks your activity while you code. Once you've installed and signed in on your preferred IDE, the plugin will track, process, and send the data to our servers. This way, you can visualize data anytime to understand how you work and learn how to improve that work through trustworthy data. Happy coding!



For about half an hour



And see your own metrics

Gain visibility.
Enhance productivity.

Personal Performance

With this set of features, you'll be able to discover the way you code, gain visibility and improve through deep understanding of your coding patterns.

Personal Dashboard

Shows the aggregate information on how your coding time was used (Coding, Debugging, Building and System time) over an specific timeframe. It also lets you quickly see when you've been coding.

Behavior report

Helps you understand how you code day by day. It also shows you how intense is your coding when using different computers.

Web Navigation

Track your coding-related web navigation and web debugging activity by using Codealike's Chrome extension.

Pivot table


Use a web-based view similar to a pivot table to model your own data and find meaningful insights from your activity.

Focus & Interruptions


Do you want to understand how your concentration grows and how interruptions affect it? This is the feature for you. Codealike shows you your "Focus Curve" but it also shows you how many interruptions you had during different periods of time. This is handy to show clearly how much effort it takes to recover from undesired interruptions.

Code Tree

Shows you the amount of time you spend Editing, Reading, Debugging and Building on different code solutions and projects. But why should we stop there? You'll be able to drilldown all the way through Namespaces, Files, Classes, Methods and Members. Use this report to see code's contributors and technical debt.

Code report

It helps you understand how much time you spend using different technologies. Have you ever wondered what are the 5 files that your attention the most? Well, wonder no more...


This feature shows you the ADN of your work. It rebuilds your day by showing you the precise sequence of activity that you did so you can drilldown and explore every segment of time to understand what you did.

Your Facts

Come on! Let's show off! Use "Your Facts" to show the community how you perform. Let them see how many times you were On Fire and what are your favorite technologies.

Download Data


Want to go further? Download your activity and explore it in your own way. Create your own data representation using Excel. Find custom insights while analyzing your and your teams' data.

Team Performance

Maybe you don't have the luck to be alone in this wonderful world of coding. If so, we can help you understand how your team works and how it can improve.

Teams Dashboard

Shows the aggregate information on how your team's coding time was used over different pre-determined timeframes. Use this feature to understand how your team apply effort to projects.

Team Member Reports


It lets you see your colleagues activity for the projects that you have in common. Understand how your co-workers perform and how you can improve together. To use this feature you and your colleague must be Premium users.


In order to improve your coding, you'll want to see where you stand. Use these features to understand how you compare with Codealike's community and your colleagues.


We cannot tell who is the best software developer in the world (yet), but we can tell you who is the most focused and a few other things. Learn what is your position in the weekly Codealike ranking.



Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the most efficient coder of them all? Use this feature to understand how you compare to other coders with the Key Performance Indicators and improve your coding.